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About Circus Radio

Circus Radio is a tribute of Hollywood’s longest running elite discotheque… Circus Disco.

This internet radio station is for all the loyal dance music fans who forever hold heartfelt memories of some of the best times of their lives. Circus Radio will bring you the best in 70’s, 80’s, 90’s music and to the present club hits.

You can also enjoy iconic Los Angeles DJ mixes by Rick Chaz Gonzales, Pebo Rodriguez and Danny Debonair along with guest DJ’s.

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Rick Chaz Gonzales

Written by Michael A. Reyes

chaz-bioIn 1976, discotheques were hot and the hypnotic sounds of disco music was hotter… that’s when Rick “Chaz” Gonzales, a young man mesmerized by the relentless beat, decided he wanted in. When the phenomena reached the East Los Angeles dance scene in the mid-seventies Chaz immediately became a convert. He joined others like Pebo Rodriguez (Fantasia) to become a part of this exciting movement. It was through turntables and mixers that the pulsating sound of disco became Rick’s passion. The DJ was now an artist and a force in the entertainment industry.

Chaz soon became known for his new art which lead him to be recognized as one of the top mobile DJ’s in Southern California. He went on to entertain all who came to listen to the high energy sounds radiating from his turntables. It and he became one. Like Luke Skywalker and his light saber, Rick and his turntables sliced through old stale music habits to establish a new music world order and as Luke he learned well from the Masters.

This skill would take Rick Chaz Gonzales from house parties to underground DJ driven mass parties of the eighties. These were produced by a new breed of entertainment entrepreneurs who would lay the groundwork for warehouse parties, raves, and today’s superstar DJ mass dance parties.

During the mid 1980s Rick began a shift to a new demographic. While mass dance parties, attended predominantly by 16 to 18 year old dancers, at places like Casa Camino Real and the Ukrainian Hall were popular a new crowd was forming and growing up. Chaz was moving on to the 21 and over crowd.
Circus Disco in Hollywood, Fantasia in Los Angeles, Wings in West Covina, El Paso Cantina in Long Beach, and Michael’s in City of Commerce were now drawing capacity crowds to dance to what would be labeled the “21 and over” format.

Chaz was driven to become a mixmaster of dance floor packers. Other popular hot spots Rick rocked the crowd include Circus Disco, Caddies, Brandi’s, Luna and the Famous “ROCK OF THE 80’s parties.

Today Rick can still be found behind those “wheels of steel” using the digital format of Pioneer CDJ’s and controllers delivering the still powerful message music has and energizing dancers all over southern California. Collaborating again with Pebo Rodriguez (Fantasia).,  Chaz will re-energize your soul and restore your youth through the eternal sounds of music. The next time you attend a dance gathering look up at the stage. If you see a bright glow emanating from the Disc Jockey booth walk up to it and you’ll find “Chaz” mixing his brew to create an endless beat that will send you in to sound ecstasy.

Pebo Rodríguez

pebo-bioBegan my DJ career in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1978 at Leonardo’s International Discotheque. Was awarded “One of the best Puerto Rico DJ’s” 1978. Moved back to Los Angeles in 79’ and began a successful career as a DJ with residencies in many of L.A.’s top clubs including Fantasia, The Tropicana, Circus Disco, Wings, La Pantera Rosa, Mr. J’s, among others. Worked part time at JDC Records, pioneered and mixed the 1st in a series of JDC High Energy Disco 12” Mixes. Some of my remixes were featured on L.A.’s Hit Radio Station Power 106. Worked as a Master Mixer on Los Angeles KIIS FM Produced a weekly Classic Disco Hour for Groove Radio. 90’s Produced and mixed a weekly 1hour House Music show for Mixmatters, 2000-2002.

Produced and Edited dance records for local record labels including MCA and TSR Records. Was a Billboard Magazine Reporting DJ for Los Angeles. Formed Electrobeat Records with producer Dave Storrs. Released Television and Recording Star ICE T’s first records as well as producing Kid Frost first 2 releases. Helped recording group STOP form their DAMABI Records label, eventually was asked to join the group for touring and performing purposes.

Joined Thump Records as VP of A&R. Produced Dance Music compilations, including the Gold Certified (500,000 copies) Old School Volume 1. This eventually led to a distribution deal with Universal. Produced well over 200 compilations including the Old School Series, Circus Disco Series, the Freestyle Explosion Series and many more. Currently producing mixes for Circus Radio and DJ’ing for special events in Los Angeles.

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